Frank C. Gentner

Voice Part:

City of Residence:
Washington Township

Place of Employment
Virtual Simulation and Training, Inc.

Occupation Field:

Occupation Title:
Senior Human Factors and Training Analyst

Chorus Memberships & Number of Seasons:
Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra Chorus-17 years; Dayton Philharmonic Chamber Choir-11; Dayton Philharmonic Festival Chorus-11 years

Other Chorus/Choir Memberships:
St. George’s Episcopal Church Choir, Dayton Bach Society, Master Singers of the San Antonio Symphony, University of Florida Choir

Favorite Choral Piece:
Brahms’ Requiem

I Love Singing with the Choirs of the Dayton Philharmonic because:

Orchestral choral literature is some of the most beautiful of all music, allowing for both singable moments and complexity of composition.